PMITLH Board Roles and Responsibilities


  1. Represent PMI Tallahassee Chapter, Inc. in all business and PMI matters
    1. File the PMI Chapter renewal each February by signing into the DEP on the website.
  2. Schedule and chair Chapter Board meetings and Chapter Membership meetings
  3. Maintain and ensure the execution of Chapter By-Laws, Policies and Procedures
  4. Approve Chapter expenditures
  5. Appoint Committee chairpersons and members

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First Vice President/Past President:


  1. Biannually, develop a Chapter Strategic Plan for their upcoming two-year term
  2. Direct business and industry collaboration, developing Chapter sponsorships
  3. Administer Board Elections
  4. Leads the Chapter in the absence of the President

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VP Administration:

  1. Manage regular monthly Board meeting agenda
    1. Send Agenda reminder           1 week before meeting
    2. Send Agenda                          2 days before meeting
    3. Facilitate meeting within agreed time frame
    4. Send draft Minutes                 2 days after meeting
    5. Send final Minutes                  6 days after meeting
  2. Record special Board meeting minutes Maintain current Board contact information
    1. Send draft Minutes                 2 days after meeting
    2. Send final Minutes                  6 days after meeting
  3. Maintain current Board contact information
  4. Maintain current Action Item Log
  5. File electronic copies of Board documents provided by all Board members
  6. Collect mail at the Centerville PO Box 15511 weekly and distribute to Board members.
  7. Pay the PO Box each April, upon receipt of the notice from the USPS.
  8. Annually, file nonprofit corporate information and pay mandatory fees:
    1. File the Annual Report with the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations each May upon receipt of an email notice.
    2. File and pay the Corporation renewal with the State each May; you will need all officers’ name, titles and addresses.

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VP Communications:

  1. Manage the Chapter website
    1. Administer the website
    2. Post the bimonthly Chapter dinner meeting notices
    3. Post Special Events notices
    4. Update all website content
  2. Manage Board email distribution list
    1. Configure email accounts/forwarders
    2. Update distribution list
    3. Create new Chapter email addresses as needed
  3. Broadcast Chapter information Develop and execute a Chapter Communications Plan and Website Policy
    1. Maintain the broadcast email distribution list
    2. Write and broadcast messages bimonthly to advertise Chapter dinner meetings
    3. Develop and broadcast messages to advertise Chapter events
    4. Broadcast approved advertisements
  4. Develop and execute a Chapter Communications Plan and Website Policy
  5. Administer Chapter Event registration, including collection of participation fee
  6. Publish Chapter newsletter
    1. Coordinate newsletter content generatio
    2. Facilitate newsletter assembly
    3. Distribute membership newsletter

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VP Financial Affairs:

  1. Maintain all Chapter fiscal records
  2. Track the budget and financial books (Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, etc.)
    1. Develop the proposed Operating Budget annually in January.
    2. Post receipts and disbursements, update the financial statement, and present it at the monthly Board meeting.
  3. Manage Chapter bank account(s), e.g., checking: Purchase supplies (tickets, stamps, envelopes, etc.) as needed.
    1. Update the Bank of America signature card at 3430 Thomasville Road annually in January- with approved signers and Board minutes documenting their names.
      1. Each person needs two forms of identification, one with a picture
    2. Deposit checks after each bimonthly- Chapter dinner and as needed
      1. Stamp all checks “for deposit onl
      2. File the deposit slip and all receipts
    3. Pay bills after each bimonthly Chapter dinner and as needed
      1. Ensure appropriate payment authorizatio
      2. Copy and file invoices, expense reports and associated receip
      3. Write and send check
    4. Balance the Chapter checkbook monthly
  4. Purchase supplies (tickets, stamps, envelopes, etc.) as needed
  5. Manage receipts at bimonthly Chapter dinner meetings Manage receipts at Chapter events
    1. Ahead of time, log onto Acteva and print a check-in list Update the check-in list as preregistered attendees arrive.
      1. Introduce yourself to the FSU event manager and inform them you will confirm the actual attendance count and pay them.
    2. Update the check-in list as preregistered attendees arrive
    3. Create a list of walk-ins who pay at the door and issue them a receipt.
    4. If there will be a door prize drawing, provide each attendee (except Board members) a numbered “half” ticket, and provide the other ticket halves to the VP Programs for the door prize drawing at the end of the dinner program.
    5. Reconcile actual attendance totals (preregistered plus walk-ins) to the FSU event attendance count.
      1. Write a check to FSU for the minimum number we guaranteed or the actual number of attendees, whichever is greater
    6. Deposit checks after each Chapter dinner
      1. Stamp all checks “for deposit only
      2. File the deposit slip and all receipt
    7. Compile Chapter dinner income and expenses for the next monthly Board meeting, including counts, income and expenses by Acteva preregistered and walk-in attendees, as well as any fees deducted by Acteva
  6. Manage receipts and Chapter events
  7. Annually, file nonprofit corporate information and pay mandatory fees:
    1. File Corporate taxes each May Federal Tax form 990-EZ; in the past we have used Cheryl Shine, CPA 4832-B Kerry Forest Parkway, Tallahassee, FL 32309 850-445-5420 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
    2. Pay the PMI Insurance each July upon receipt of the online notice.

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 VP Membership:

  1. Administer participant sign-in process for Chapter events
  2. Provide nametags for participants at Chapter events
  3. Provide nametags for Board members

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VP Professional Development:

  1. Research and recommend appropriate educational programs and events
  2. Develop, maintain and execute a Chapter Professional Development Plan

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VP Programs:

    1. Book Speakers for bimonthly meetings
      1. Speakers can come from anywhere. Seek out feedback from the VP of membership on what topics the members are interested in hearing about. For example, early in 2010, the Atlanta chapter was into ITIL.
      2. Confirm with the Board what your speaker budget is for the year.
      3. Coordinate speaker selection with the VP of Professional Development.
      4. Speaker Acceptance
        1. If money is involved, request the speaker to send you an engagement proposal which will become a contract. Ask the VP of Finance to encumber the necessary funds
        2. After you have vetted the proposal, received board approval, ask the speakers for a bio, including topic name, a brief topic summary and picture
        3. At a minimum, a month before the engagement, email the speaker information to the VP of Communications and cc President for immediate posting on the website
        4. Ask speaker if they need any assistance with logistics such as recommended hotels to stay at or driving directions to the University Center. (See list of attached recommended hotels)
        5. Let the speaker know what equipment the Chapter can supply, e.g., overhead projector, screen & microphone. Also remind them that the speaker and board members are expected to be at the UC by no later than 5 pm the day of the presentation to allow for equipment set up and test
        6. Suggest to the speaker that they could bring promotional material for a raffle
        7. Travel Expense Policy: PMI does not pay our speakers a fee to speak however we do reimburse for travel expenses
          1. Email the PMI-TLH Travel Reimbursement Policy or its link on the Chapter websit
        8. When the engagement is over the speaker will need to e-mail their expense report along with electronic receipts to the VP of Programs.
    1. Confirm Dinner Menu and Room with University Center:
      1. Annually, confirm that the Osceola Grill or whatever venue seems appropriate will be available for Chapter meetings the first Monday of the even-numbered months (February, April, June, August, October, & December).
          1. The University Center revises their menu periodically.
      2. Selecting the dinner menus may be done annually or bi-monthly, but should be confirmed at a minimum 2 Thursdays before any particular meeting. Be aware that members may have restricted diets – e.g. always have a vegetarian option and no pork.
        1. Select the dinner menu and email and send to the appropriate person at the University Center.
        1. For example, the February 4, 2008 meeting the menu selection was due to the University Center by January 24, 2008
      1. Once the University Center confirms the selection (s/he may send you back an email with the event order) forward the email with the menu selection to the VP of Communications for posting on the website
  1. Bimonthly, by noon the Thursday before the dinner meeting, determine the number of dinners needed:
    1. Check the paid confirmations on the website.
    2. Confirm which board members will come. They will pay at the door.
    3. Add the speaker and any guests to the headcount total.
    4. Inform the University Center of the number of dinners that will make up our contract. Generally speaking this should be the number of people who have pre-paid plus the number of board members who have committed to come.
  2. Bimonthly, at the Chapter meeting, facilitate the dinner speech.
    1. Get there by 5 p.m.
    2. Greet the speaker and set up the audio visual equipment .
    3. Coordinate any help from University Center personnel that may be needed.
    4. When President prompts you, introduce the speaker
    5. After the speech, lead the group in thanking the speaker.
    6. Conduct any door prize drawing(s).
  3. Bimonthly, within a week after the Chapter meeting, send the speaker a “thank you” message.

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