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Events calendar

Sunday. 06 October, 2019 - Saturday. 12 October, 2019
Monday. 07 October, 2019
5:30 pm

Dinner Event - Creating Risk Mitigation Strategies for Government Programs

The Edison Restaurant

Creating Risk Mitigation Strategies for Government Programs: a Case Study on Eglin AFB

Kyle Hartmann will focus on how to
incorporate risk mitigation into the delivery of a government
contract using his company’s 10 year contract on
Eglin AFB as an example.


Annual Elections

The PMI Tallahassee Chapter has four Board positions that are coming up for election,
with terms beginning January 2020. The Board is seeking nominees and candidates for
these positions. Please consider running for office or nominating a candidate. Elections
will be held at our October 7, 2019 chapter dinner meeting.

Qualifications: Be a current member in good standing and have a PMP or higher

Positions for election:
   1. First Vice President (additional qualification: must have served on the Board in a
      VP position)
   2. Vice President of Administration
   3. Vice President of Communications
   4. Vice President of Programs

How to submit interest:
· Fill out and submit the Candidate Information Form
· Contact the Chapter President (see “Contact Us” listing on website)
For more information, see the Chapter website ( for:
· Board position descriptions
· Current board members