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Free PMP Exam Guide for PMI Members

Thousands of students study for the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam
each year, and if you are amongst them, you’ll know that planning your study can be
daunting. That’s why I have written a step-by-step guide to preparing for and passing the
PMP exam, called The Short Guide to Becoming a PMP. This ebook takes you through
the eight steps to consider as you begin your journey towards PMP certification. There
is an overwhelming amount of information available about the PMP exam, and this free
PMP guide will help you work out where to start.

As a special offer to PMI Chapter members The Short Guide to Becoming a PMP is
available free for download at until the end of
May 2012.

What do you get? Well, the ebook starts at the beginning and asks: are you eligible for
the PMP exam? From here it takes you through the certification process to the exam day
and beyond. The Short Guide to Becoming a PMP provides clear guidance on each of
the eight steps you need to cover in order to get certified.

Eight steps may sound like a lot, but the process of applying for, studying for and then
actually taking the PMP exam can take around three months. It is a time consuming
and challenging process, so it is best to be prepared. The more you understand the
certification process, the easier it will be to follow and the more time you will save –
which means more time for studying!

The eight steps are:

Step 1: Assess your eligibility. Don’t waste time applying if you are not eligible! This
section also provides tips on calculating contact hours.

Step 2: Fill out the application. If you’ve seen the PMP exam application form, you’ll
know it looks like a project in itself! Jump start your application with these tips and tricks
and learn how to prepare for an application audit.

Step 3: Build a PMP exam study plan. Learn the essential elements to include in your
plan and how to apply your project management skills to schedule your study time. I
speak to hundreds of students about how they study, and now you can benefit from what
they tell me about study goals, involving others and sticking to the schedule.

Step 4: Choose your study materials. Save time assessing hundreds of PMP exam study
products with these recommendations. I’ve put this list together from the feedback of
many students, so you know these tools will really work.

Step 5: Learn study tips and techniques. If it has been a while since you studied for a
test or exam, you may be a little rusty on study techniques! Let the tricks in this section
of the PMP exam study guide show you how best to work out your own learning style
and tailor your revision to suit you.

Step 6: Use sample questions and tests. It is one thing to study in your own time, but it’s

completely different to be in exam conditions. PMP sample questions and PMP exam
simulators can help test your knowledge and prepare you for the big day.

Step 7: Get exam day ready. Don’t blow your chances of passing the PMP exam and
earning your PMP certification by failing to prepare for the exam day. Learn from the
experiences of other students with helpful exam day tips.

Step 8: Get recertified. Your PMP journey doesn’t end with passing the exam. You need
to earn professional development units in order to maintain your PMP credential. Let me
show you some easy and cost-effective ways to keep your certification current.

The Short Guide to Becoming a PMP is more than just an ebook. It contains links to
official documentation from the Project Management Institute (PMI) as well as free
worksheets. It also gives you links to watch free exam prep videos and listen to project
management podcasts. It’s a full PMP exam study guide!

The Short Guide to Becoming a PMP is the only PMP exam guide you’ll need. Download
your free copy now at Don’t wait too long though,
as this offer is only available until the end of May 2012.


About the author: Cornelius Fichtner, PMP is a noted PMP expert. He has helped over
17,000 students prepare for the PMP exam with The Project Management PrepCast and
offers one of the best PMP exam simulators on the market.

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