Great project managers know that success goes beyond the triple constraint deliverables and includes managing stakeholder expectations. Three aspects of managing stakeholder expectations are:

  • Know your stakeholders
  • Know what you are supposed to deliver from the perspective of the stakeholder
  • Hold your stakeholders accountable to the realities of the project (regardless of the position of the stakeholder, the attitude of the stakeholder, or the availability of the stakeholder).


DR. JAMES T. BROWN, PMP, PE, CSP, has spoken to audiences from Anchorage Alaska to Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. He is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) by the National Speakers Association. It is the highest earned designation in the speaking industry. Participants say his use of stories and humor bring critical truths to light, in an entertaining way that leaves them motivated to take action. He provides brilliant bluntness on real world, common sense practices for project management and leadership. An IBM executive stated after Dr. Brown’s keynote speech, “If we all took the time to step back and remember what Dr. Brown taught us, we would be unstoppable in the marketplace.” Numerous leading companies—including Siemens, Honeywell, IBM and Bristol-Myers Squibb—have brought Dr. Brown in to improve their project execution and leadership through training. 
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