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As you may have heard or experienced first-hand, the PMI Customer Care team is experiencing significantly higher contact volumes due to the dynamic nature and rapidly evolving situation globally. This is not unique to PMI as many service industries have been disrupted by COVID-19. In the month of May alone, PMI experienced its highest contact volumes in PMI history, and the volume does not show any sign of decreasing.

Please know PMI is working around the clock to respond to each inquiry and continues to explore alternative ways for addressing them. In the meantime, these are the actions already taken to help decrease the need for members to contact Customer Care.

  • PMI is updating its COVID-19 Update Page on an ongoing basis.
  • PMI is waiving rescheduling fees for all certification exams until 1 October.
  • PMI is automatically extending all candidates’ exam eligibility until 18 January 2021.
  • PMI has launched its new PMI Beta Bot, a 24/7 chat bot to answer your basic questions. Check it out on the PMI Contact Us page.
  • PMI has created the PMI Customer Care Alexa Skill, so members and certification holders can link their account to any Amazon Alexa-enabled device to ask Alexa: “What is my member (or certification) since date?” “What is my membership end date?” “When does my certification expire?” “How many PDUs do I have?” Try it today!

PMI requests your patience and support in utilizing its Customer Care contact info to allow quick response to each member and customer. If you have a question specific to chapter operations, please contact your chapter partner.

Please join us on September 14, 2020 for our next PMI Tallahassee chapter meeting.  Our guest speaker, Christopher Voehl, will be discussing Organizational Change Management, including the role of Business Cases in driving change within organizations. We look forward to your participation!
In today’s exponentially growing and changing technology landscape, organizations face unacceptable levels of risk when attempting to enact change. In order to mitigate this risk and the potential loss of thousands of dollars (for larger projects this could be millions) and countless resource hours, organizations need to rethink their traditional approach to change management and embrace A New Model for Sustainable Change. For many organizations, Change Management follows the tried (and failed) approach of telling people what to do, then sitting back, expecting results, and then putting countermeasures in place after the inevitable failures in end-user adoption begin to surface. This costly and cyclical endeavor can be avoided by starting at the top and enrolling those within the organization who will be most impacted by the change. This presentation will illustrate how to go beyond training and communications, to breaking the status quo and embracing new paradigms of innovation and change.
Christopher F. Voehl, PMP is the Vice President of Program Management at Vitaver Staffing, Inc., a Florida based firm with over 25 years of IT staffing experience. Chris’s background in systems analysis and administration, quality management, project management, and change management make him ideally suited for the technology and process challenges facing organizations today. Currently a delegate member of the International Standards Organization (ISO), Chris is part of a team that recently completed development of the new ISO 56002 Standard for Innovation Management Systems while promoting best practices for organizations to embrace a culture of innovation.

Published Works Include:

Voehl, Christopher F., et al. Making the Case for Change: Using Effective Business Cases to Minimize Project and Innovation Failures. CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group), 2014.
Voehl, Christopher F., et al. “ Model for Sustainable Change”. PMI White Paper, 2015.
Voehl, Christopher F., et al. Effective Portfolio Management Systems. CRC Press, 2015.
Voehl, Christopher F., et al. Total Innovation Management for Excellence (TIME). Manuscript submitted for publication, 2020.
Chris has been a certified PMP and member of PMI since 2015 and can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 850-591-5776.

In April 2020, PMI made some changes to the online commerce platform which has resulted in some changes to how a member purchases chapter membership in the system.   Members will no longer be prompted to renew Chapter membership with their membership auto‐renewal.  Please note that RENEWING MEMBERS will now need to manually add chapter membership to your cart.  You can do this when checking out by navigating to the PMI Chapter page and scrolling down the page until you see the section named “Join a PMI Chapter.” Click “Join Chapter” on the chapter you wish to join, and then select “Add to Cart.” This should take you back to your cart to continue checking out.

Guest pass codes can be entered into the system as a Promo Code on that same page and NOT a Voucher Code on the payment page. 


New customers interested in purchasing a chapter membership AND members whose membership has expired will add the chapter membership to their cart within the new online commerce platform. 

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