PMI Tallahassee

Membership Renewals to the Chapter

Important Information Regarding Chapter Membership Auto Renewal Changes:

  • Similar to a PMI Membership, when you complete a Chapter Membership purchase, your Chapter Membership will now be automatically opted-in for auto renew,
  • Your Chapter Membership will move onto the same cycle as your existing PMI Membership renewal cycle,
  • If you wish to opt out of the Chapter auto renewal post-purchase, you must opt out in your myPMI profile.
  • *Please note that Student and Retiree PMI Memberships require manual renewal -Auto renew is not an option.

To prevent a customer from buying a Chapter Membership twice or purchasing a Chapter Membership for an undesired short duration, there are new rules to restrict Chapter Membership purchases and improve the Chapter Membership experience:

  • When you attempt to purchase or renew a Chapter Membership you will be restricted from purchasing/renewing a Chapter Membership if you do not hold an active PMI Membership and/or do not have a Membership product in your Cart,
  • If you are a PMI Member who is eligible for renewal (i.e. in last 3 months of your current membership), you must have a PMI Membership renewal product in the Cart in order to purchase any Chapter Membership,
  • If you purchase a Chapter Membership after purchasing a PMI Membership, its renewal cycle will automatically align to the PMI Membership auto renewal cycle.

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