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(Bi) Weekly Board Talk - April 6, 2021 News Bulletin

Greetings! I am sure you are all enjoying this spring compared to last year. With COVID cases on the decline, we hope we can quickly transition from virtual PMI meetings to in-person PMI meetings, or to a blended opportunity of these for the first few meetings. Looking forward to our next in-person PMI meeting!

As you all may know, since last spring, health care workers have been taking care of us, comforting us, and giving us hope while sacrificing their family time and risking their lives. We all owe each healthcare worker for their sweat, tears, and blood.

Our chapter has embarked on a new initiative to create hand-crafted Thank You message cards for health care workers. I am immensely proud to say we got our chapter members and some local students from high school to first grade to help us with this initiative. We are on track, and we expect to deliver the “Thank You card”’ on National Nurses Day – May 6th.

We could not have made this happen without the passion of our chapter members; a big thank you to you all!  In addition to this initiative, we are working on other volunteering opportunities. Please look out for a survey where you will have a chance to select your favorite volunteering initiative. Thanks, and please stay safe.

Shajil Kalathil

PMITLH Director of Volunteers

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