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(Bi) Weekly Board Talk - April 22, 2021 News Bulletin

It is so nice to touch base with all our members on this Board Talk.

Spring has sprung and increasingly we are coming out of our homes back into the outdoors and sunlight. It is so good for us to see the world differently from what we have been experiencing over the past several months. Feeling the warmth and sunshine on my face as I walk my dog Nickel (Voody is his nickname – long story) is a very enjoyable part of my day. What are you doing to carve out an enjoyable part of your day for yourself?

Our PMI Chapter recently provided training to many of the TCC workforce development group. It was a very rewarding experience too! As we were able to relate to others in our community with similar interests, we all also learned a thing or two about project management!  With this successful training, we are now committed to providing TCC and other education institutions more PM trainings, so if you’re interested in helping out, please reach out to me – and thank you for your continued dedication to our chapter. We are fuller because of you.

Next, we are also planning to partner with some other local chapters to increase our network with other like-minded professionals while sharing wisdom of some great sessions that we are lining up now. Stay tuned!

Thank you
Joanne Gallagher
VP Professional Development

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