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(Bi) Weekly Board Talk - June 16, 2021 News Bulletin

PMI Board Talk:
It’s hard to believe we’re already mid-year through 2021. A few things that the board does at this time of year are to check in on where we are on our strategic/annual plan and to begin thinking about upcoming elections. We’re also taking a look at our chapter bylaws and policies and procedures to identify any updates that may be needed. PMI advises chapters do this every several years.
Per our chapter’s governing documents, our chapter elections take place at our October meeting, which is our official annual chapter meeting. And while that seems a long way off, it’s really not too soon to be thinking about it. Almost all board positions are two-year terms, with half starting in even years and half in odd years. We will have four board positions on the ballot this year for the 2021-22 term: 1) First Vice President (president-elect), 2) VP of Administration, 3) VP of Communications, and 4) VP of Programs.
I would like to share my own experience with serving on the board. When I first joined the chapter, I wanted to help serve in some capacity, and the professional development committee gave me that opportunity. Being on that committee for a couple of years helped me learn more about the chapter, meet and work with other chapter members, and help contribute to planning and implementing some of the professional development activities the chapter offered during that time. It was a rewarding experience.
Toward the end of that time, I was asked if I would consider running for board office. I carefully considered the roles and responsibilities for the positions, assessed my schedule and what I thought would be the best fit for my skills, and discussed it with my family. The VP of Administration fit my experience, skills, and interests so I decided to run for that office and was elected to begin a term in 2018 and continued with a second term that runs through the end of this year.
Serving on the board has really given me great opportunity to grow professionally, learn a lot about PMI and chapters, get to know and work together on common goals with the other board members, and do things I would not have otherwise been able to. PMI provides excellent training for all board positions and has a ton of resources to help chapter leaders lead the chapter. I also was able to travel to attend Leadership Institute Meetings for our region as well as for North America, learning so much in the process and meeting many fellow project management professionals from around the nation and the world.
There are a lot of benefits that serving on the board can provide, and I would urge you to consider running for board service if you hold a PMP or higher credential awarded by PMI and meet the criteria needed for the position. And if you do not yet hold a PMI credential, there are numerous other opportunities to volunteer your skills to help the chapter. You can reach out to any of us with questions. I would also like to thank all previous board members and have an appreciation for what you have done to build the chapter.
We are a stronger chapter the more we are involved, and we could use your unique skills to help us continue to grow!
Debbie Rivenburg, PMP
VP of Administration

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