Hello New Year! Hopefully, the pandemic is in our rear-view mirror; we are seeing our events and membership gain momentum. Our Chapter now has 368 members and growing!

Last fall, I was fortunate to attend PMI Global Summit. I learned that our abilities as project management leaders are in high demand as our personal and professional surroundings evolve. The complexity of business problems and their solutions is increasing exponentially! Being a part of PMI, the premier non-profit organization for project management professionals, is an honor. Since its founding in 1969, PMI has grown to include 700,000 members across 150 nations. Both individuals and the organizations that support them have much to learn from one another. We want to unite people and organizations to provide top-notch information and cutting-edge learning opportunities to help everyone become a better version of themselves. Our mentor program is blossoming as we are getting new mentors and mentees.

On Saturday, January 28, our board members brainstormed and came up with two overarching goals for this year: 1) Increase value to our membership, and 2) community outreach. As we formulate the game plan to achieve our goals, I challenge you to see if you can bring three new people to chapter networking events or meetings.

As we look to the future, I want to thank you for this excellent chance to serve you in this role. As the President of the Board of Directors for our Chapter in 2023, I will be honored to serve you all. 

~Shajil K. Kalathil, PMI TLH President